Air Fiji is dedicated to making every individual’s aviation experience a convenient, memorable, and fun one. Our goal is to make airline travelers feel pampered, whether they are first class flyers or not. Air Fiji is also committed to providing relevant, up-to-date information about aviation-related services.

Flight Lessons/Training

Air Fiji offers different flight lessons intended to train individuals to become aircraft pilots. We use different training methods and techniques to help our students understand the most important aspects of flying. Aside from theories, our students are also exposed to flying experience through a simulator.

Hangar Services

Air Fiji is a reliable airport partner as it offers first-class, hands-on hangar services. We offer top-of-the-line aircraft detailing, using only tested products recommended by aviation professionals. Additionally, Air Fiji services private, commercial, and corporate aircraft, so we’re flexible and adaptable to any situation. Our services are likewise available ‘round the clock, as we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Airport-Related Tips and Tricks

Air Fiji wants its clients to be comfortable and relaxed when traveling, so we offer practical tips and tricks that can somehow help travelers achieve this goal. One example is airport parking, which is a common problem for most travelers but is often taken for granted. Another example is things that stranded travelers can do when stuck in the airport for hours. Challenging situations, practical solutions, and a reliable online buddy that provides only the latest, the most updated information about anything and everything aviation-related; this is what Air Fiji is all about.

Discussions, Online Forums, Travel Advice

Air Fiji is your go-to site for relevant discussions and online forums dedicated to the aviation experience. Whether you are flying commercial or maneuvering your aircraft, our group has something new and insightful to you day after day. Discussions that help you come up with informed decisions, online forums that help you understand issues better, and travel advice intended to make every aviation experience unique, meaningful, and memorable.