Victoria’s Great Ocean Road Bus Tours

by John  Kohler


There is a great deal to see in Australia and the areas that are around Victoria are some of the most scenic. One of the ways to see some of the fantastic scenery that Australia has to offer is by taking great ocean road tours. There are a variety of bus tours to accommodate your needs, everything from small bus or caravan tours to large size buses. Your pleasure is their aim when you opt to take a road with a professional tour company out of Melbourne like great ocean road tours Victoria.

Some of the sites to see along the way include Tower Hill – This is a volcano setting which is home to a variety of well known and beloved local wildlife. Logan’s Beach – There is nothing quite as exciting as seeing whale’s involved with their young. London Bridge one of the fantastic sites in the region and one worth stopping for should you find yourself on a bus tour of the region.

The 12 Apostles – enjoy the sunset and see the penguins as they return from their day of fishing. Beautiful Loch And Gorge is one of the sites to see in the region and most bus tours accommodate it. The 12 Apostles – islands. You can See them in daylight. You may even be so lucky as to acquire a Helicopter flight – to get a close up view of the region. Another area to view is Maits Rest. Be sure to take the time for a rainforest walk, with guides and see what the area has to offer.

Most of the tours also include a lunch in town’s like Apollo Bay and other scenic locations. Great scenery all afternoon as buses wind towards Bells’ Beach driving the original stretch of road with classic twists and turns and great scenery all along the way.. – Watch world class, devil may care surfers showing off their surfing skills. Some of the tours include Torquay with the great Rip Curl and Quicksilver a great shopping stop.

Bus Tours for All- Great Ocean Road Tours

No matter what your preference is for activities in and around the Great Ocean road, you will find a bus tour that will be able to accommodate your preference. Full day, half day or everything in between, take a tour and find what the area has to offer. Small tours with just a large caravan as well as long, full day tours are readily available for all. Some of the tours are a full two days and allow you to find the best in tourist options along the way. It is just one of the many perks you will find while touring. It is simply one of the many options available. Enjoy your day in air conditioned bliss, and take pictures all along the way. It is absolutely one of the best ways to see the coastal areas. You can relax and kick back and let the driving be left to the experts. See the area with those who are experts in the attractions and enjoy your day or days with first class bus tours.