Four Things to Remember to Get the Best Out of Your Flying Lessons

by John  Kohler
Four Things to Remember to Get the Best Out of Your Flying Lessons

Learning to fly an aircraft is not easy. There are several things you need to consider. First off, you need to understand and remember a myriad of flight commands. The terms that you need to memorize seem endless. Then you have to learn how to fly in a simulator first before going on an actual aircraft. Despite these, though, you’re still lucky because there are several simple things that you can do to make the most of your flying lessons.

Read and Study in Ahead of Your Class


While it is true that you have an instructor teaching you and giving you materials to read and study, it is important for you to also learn a few things on your own before each class session. For your ground lessons, this means reviewing topics you have discussed and reading in advance about those you have yet to take up in class. When you review, find time to focus on the area/s that you consider a challenge. For your flight lessons, find something that you can use as a flight simulator (your dining chair or armchair, perhaps?) and review each maneuver carefully.

Find Time to Stay at the Airport and Observe


The best aircraft pilots are keen observers. Therefore, devote some of your time to hanging out at the airport and observing the pilots as they go about their daily activities. If possible, take down notes. You can even approach some of the pilots and ask them for advice.

Find Time to Visit the Air Traffic Control Tower

If you want to be a good pilot, you need to remember that while your primary responsibilities are the aircraft you are maneuvering and the passengers aboard it, it is also important to learn all that you can about airspace. For this, you need to invest some time in visiting and observing the activities that take place inside the air traffic control center. Of course, you need to ask permission first before paying them a visit.

Take Advantage of the Internet

The Internet is free for anyone who wishes to use it. Take advantage of this and find all the reliable online resource that you can about aircraft, pilots, and other similar topics. Take down notes. If you use an audio or a video source, find a way to download or save it. You’ll find a lot of online resources that you can use as your learning supplements.