Five Helpful Tips for Parking in an Airport

by John  Kohler

One of the most difficult things to work out in an airport is finding good parking. Often, because of the heavy influx of people, you won’t be able to find a space for your car. This is one of the reasons why most travelers or flyers prefer to take the cab to the airport rather than drive their vehicle. But since 24-hour parking is now available in practically all airports, there is no reason why you should go through all the hassle of calling a cab to get to the airport. You only need to learn a few tips for airport parking to make the experience a convenient one.

Check the airport website (if there is one) for information on available parking spaces.

So you won’t waste valuable time, before driving to the airport, visit its website and check for information about the available parking space for that period. While you’re at it, get details about long-term parking, including rates and hours allowed. This is especially important if you will be away for a couple of days. If the airport has no website, call its information center to get the details you need.

Decide whether you’re going for short-term or long-term parking.

Before driving to the airport, you should have already decided if you’re going for short-term or long-term parking. Go for short-term parking if you’re going to be away for a couple of hours only. Rates for this is on an hourly basis, so the longer you are away, the higher your parking fee amount will be. If you will be away for a couple of days, go for long-term parking, which is designed for those who need to leave their car at the airport for one or more days.

If you are going to the airport to pick up an arriving passenger, go for the waiting slots.

Most airports have a waiting slot or area where you can park your car and wait for the person you are picking up. Other airports call this the cell phone waiting area, as you can park and wait for the call of the arriving passenger before picking him up. These parking slots are offered for free.

If the airport offers it, go for early parking booking services

For a hassle-free airport parking experience, call and book early so you’ll get a good slot for your car. A bonus is a discount on the parking fee. Early booking is one of the most popular ways of ensuring good parking for your car. If the airport does not offer this service, you can always try online parking booking sites.