Bored at the Airport? Here Are Fun Things You Can Do

by John  Kohler
Bored at the Airport? Here Are Fun Things You Can Do

Waiting for your flight at the pre-departure lounge of the airport can be boring, especially if your flight is delayed. Normally, the minute you sit down, you’d take out your smartphone or tablet and check on your social media accounts or play an online game. But what happens when you get tired of doing it? You can’t go around the pre-departure area stores and shop till you drop. You need your money for your travel! And you can’t stuff yourself with too much food or drink, or you’ll have to endure a queasy stomach throughout your flight. There are some other things, however, that you can do to drive away boredom while you’re stuck at the airport.

If you love reading, find a bookstore.


Once you find a bookstore, choose a book that you haven’t read yet – or one that you want to read again. Reading is like traveling, you move from one place to another, and you meet different kinds of people. Find a good spot for reading and start flipping the pages of your new book. Before you know it, your delayed flight has arrived!

If you don’t like books but like to read, buy a good magazine.


It can be a fashion magazine or a celebrity gossip magazine. You can even choose to read a comic book. The important thing is you read something you are interested in, otherwise, you’ll still be bored if you get one just because you like the cover or the title is cheesy.

If you like doodling, write or draw.


You don’t like reading, but you like to doodle or color on whatever material you can write on. First off, be sure that you carry your small notebook with you wherever you go. Take this out and get your pens and doodle and color the time away. If you like writing, use your airport time to come up with a good poem or short story. If you prefer to do it the high-tech way, take out your smartphone and tablet and use your favorite doodle or coloring app. Enjoy!

Walk around the pre-departure lounge and people watch.


If you do not like reading, doodling, writing, or coloring, stand up and stretch those lazy bones. Exercise by walking around the lounge. While doing so, try to observe your fellow passengers. People watching is one of the oldest but most effective boredom busters ever. Before you know it, you’ll be too caught up in what you’re doing you won’t notice the time pass away!

Listen to your favorite music and take a nap.


If you don’t like exercising your lazy bones, stay in your seat, take out your smartphone and earphones and listen to your favorite songs. You can even take a nap if you want to. Just be sure to wake up the minute you hear the boarding announcement for your flight!

Find a spa or massage center and relax.


Airports now have a spa or massage centers. Find one that’s near your boarding gate and get a relaxing massage. This is the best way to prepare for a long flight. Just make sure you’re not too relaxed that you fall asleep and miss your flight!